Cerulean SM450e Vaping Machine – ENDS and e-liquids testing



Due to the increase in demand for regulatory ENDS and e-liquids testing, Hall Analytical has invested in a Cerulean SM450e vaping machine, itself designed with CORESTA Recommended Method No 81 for Electronic Cigarettes in mind.

Housed in a self-contained humidity and temperature monitored environment, it allows testing to be carried out entirely separate from our other studies, keeping possible cross contamination to a minimum.

As with all of our laboratory areas, it is covered by our ISO 17025 quality system ensuring full traceability from sample receipt to reporting.

The 20 port functionality of the instrument, controlled by a touch screen PC, allows for fully automated high throughput sampling. 4 banks (each controlling 5 ports) can be individually controlled to allow different parameters to be applied to each such as puff volume, number of puffs, puff duration/interval and theangle at which the device is vaped.

Custom designed adjustable holders allow a wide range of devices to be tested whether they are push button or puff activated:

  • Cigalikes
  • Cartomisers
  • Sub ohm tanks
  • Pod systems

We can vape using powers up to 213W for regular and sub ohm tanks and we can also perform temperature controlled vaping from 100-300ºC.

Aerosol can be collected using a variety of media:

  • CFP (Cambridge Filter Pad)
  • Impingers
  • Pre-filled derivitisation cartridges
  • TD tubes

The flexibility of having 4 independent banks of 5 ports means during one complete vaping run, up to 4 different types of collection media can be utilised increasing productivity and throughput.

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In the interest of our clients product security we are keen to retain our independence however if required we work in partnership with Independent leading Toxicology and Regulatory consultants and can offer a full TPD Notification solution if required.

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