Petrochemical and Oil Analysis

Oil Rig

Petrochemical and Oil Analysis

Oil and oil related samples are some of the most complicated mixtures to analyse. The identification of trace components within these complex matrices requires a good understanding of the appropriate chromatographic and mass spectrometric techniques. The widely varying component concentration in these types of samples for petrochemical and oil analysis adds further complications when trying to perform quantification studies.

The use of selected ion recording (SIR) and metastable reaction monitoring (MRM) for example can enable crucial information to be gained from these complex samples. Biomarkers used for identifying the origin of oils is a typical example of the MRM work we undertake.

Shale Gas Analysis

Shale gas can offer a lower cost and more convenient source of methane than other sources. As such there is considerable interest in finding rich sources. Environmental issues however are key in this area. Prior to exploiting the source it is necessary to take baseline readings to establish what the current levels of methane and carbon dioxide are in the local water courses. Gas composition analysis of water samples together with IRMS measurements allows this data to be obtained. Sampling from deep water courses will confirm the presence of methane together with its source (biogenic or thermogenic). Hall Analytical has been performing this type of work for several years with their expertise in petrochemical and oil analysis and can also advise on the sampling methodology (which is critical if meaningful results are to be obtained).


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