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Welcome to Hall Analytical…


Hall Analytical is a contract analytical laboratory which specialises in problem solving.
Our extensive range of chromatographic and
mass spectrometric instrumentation,
combined with highly experienced
and skilled scientists, mean you can have the utmost
confidence in the
information we deliver to your business.

Whilst most laboratories are skilled at delivering data, our analytical experts deliver answers, based on a deep understanding of chemistry, chromatography, mass spectrometry and the application areas in which we specialise.

We are highly responsive, quality focussed and always deliver results on time.  We are always contactable to help you understand the meaning of the results we provide, in the context of your application area or problem.

We are experts in mass spectrometric analysis and our senior team are highly skilled in ab. initio. interpretation of mass spectrometric data obtained from hyphenated chromatographic techniques.

We specialise in the analysis of Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco and E-Cigarette products, Polyurethane Foam, Agrochemicals and Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP’s)

We have a global reputation in Extractable and Leachable analysis, Analysis of Dioxins, Furans, PCB’s and PAH’s, 5 Batch Agrochemical analysis and the analysis of Polyurethane foams.

Our chromatography experts undertake method development and validation work across a wide variety of HPLC and GC techniques to generate the information you require. We are experienced in technology transfer and on-site consulting which gives you the flexibility to have your critical data generated at your own facility when required.

Why work with Hall Analytical?

Our approach to working with clients is simple and well defined – understand your needs and exceed your expectations.
We achieve this using a process that has allowed us to deliver business critical data to our clients, both large and small, for the past 20 years;

  • Work with you to fully understand your requirements and clearly define the analytical scope and deliverables
  • Develop a study plan and have you approve the workflow
  • Include Milestone exit points throughout the workflow of more complex projects to lower your overall risk
  • Discuss project progress at regular intervals and consult on major project decision points
  • Generate the highest quality data, on time and deliver your information in a world class report
  • Ensure you fully understand the results produced and assist you to contextualise the data and use it in an appropriate way
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